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Activities at Ceta Canyon

Great for Group Retreats, Summer Camps, Reunions & More

A Time For Play

Ceta Canyon has always been blessed with incredible natural resources. Over 400 acres of beautifully carved landscape provide lots of opportunity for outdoor sporting. Discover the beautiful and natural waterfall. Thanks to the addition of the Giant Double Water Slide, Jumping Pillow, Schaeffer Challenge Course, Sumner Pond, Archery Area, Outdoor Learning Center, Sports Field and more,  Ceta Canyon continues to offer unlimited possibilities for outdoor activities. To schedule a recreation venue for group retreats or other events, please speak with our office to help us assist you in arranging your groups functions.

  • Double Water Slide

  • Swimming pool

  • Sand Volleyball

  • Basketball Courts

  • Jumping Pillow

  • Zip Line

  • Schaeffer Challenge Course

  • NEW Low Ropes Elements

  • Sumner Pond

  • Archery

  • Hiking

  • Archery Tag

Featured Activities


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