Giving-TitheThat famous phrase, “On a clear day, you can see forever” takes on a whole new meaning when you visit Ceta Canyon. We’re a beautiful canyon setting located in a branch of the Palo Duro Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of Texas. Also, unique to our area is a stream fed Waterfall that flows year round.

From here, forever looks a whole lot different than some of those straight, long roads that lead you here.

Forever looks like hills, valleys, hardwood trees and shrubs, bright blue skies and incredible sunsets. In fact, some of the best views in Texas are right outside our front and back door.

And, some of your views of forever might change here as well.

Take Billy, a fourth grader who had his first serious encounter with God here. His view of forever changed… forever. Then there’s Frank and Hilda. Their marriage was in trouble. Times were tough and things weren’t looking up. They came to Ceta Canyon broken – but left with hope renewed and a whole new view of forever.

It’s not that we have any special powers, and there’s not something in the water or the canyon that changes people. Instead, Ceta Canyon is a place where you can get away into some amazing creation and meet with the Creator – and He with you.

This is what we call the Ceta Canyon Experience, and you don’t even need a clear day to see forever from here!

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