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Family Camp
September 4-6

By January 9, 2020June 10th, 2021No Comments


Saturday 10AM, Check out Monday 2PM

Guest Speaker:

Duke Underwood

Worship Leader:

Jon Mark Hester – Regenerations Ministries

Family Camp is a great camp for families with kids of all ages to come and grow together! Today it can be so difficult to find time to connect with the members of your family. Everyone always has other things to do. This camp intentionally gives you opportunities to put aside distractions and focus only on your family. Come experience Ceta Canyon Camp as we teach what it means to be unified as a family! We will do the cooking, provide fun activities, and have awesome speakers to help you make Family Memories.


  • Waterslide
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Archery


  •  Family of 3: $315
  • Family of 4: $373
  • Family over 4: $373 + additional meal costs for each child
  • Additional Child ages 13+: $60
  • Additional Child ages 5-12: $48
  • Linens: $8 per set
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